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AEC Budget 2009  

AEC Budget 2009 3.0 Windows

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AEC Budget 2009
Infrastructure development and planning are growth indicators of the Nation. Annual industry growth for most of the developing countries is about 4-8%  while the construction varies between10-23%.. One of the main drivers of the growth is their infrastructure. This primarily depends on the construction sector.
What is AEC Budget 2009
The AEC Budget 2009 is  a Cost Estimation, Budgeting and Planning tool is to quickly calculate cost of a project, structured on Bill of Quantities, in a database environment. This is done in much shortest possible time than conventional applications do.
The AEC Budget 2009 : Its Field of Application
The AEC Budget 2009 is most suitable for construction companies engaged in project execution using most complicated resource deployment
The AEC Budget 2009 : A Planning Tool
Resource planning is key input for any project execution. The AEC Budget 2009 is an innovative Planning tool, developed with extensive study and evaluation of construction companies needs from time to time.
The AEC Budget 2009 : A Resource Management Tool
Resources are critical inputs to be planned and utilized with optimum usage and maximum output. The AEC Budget 2009 is designed as a tool to perform resource management of a project that ultimately improves profitability.
Building Blocks of AEC Budget 2009
5-M's of a construction project are the Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Money and Management .
Initial four M`s are the basic building blocks of the AEC Budget 2009, as Resources for its Tasks to perform.
A project's Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS) is Bill of Quantities(BOQ) which is defined in  AEC Budget 2009 as tasks.
Once Tasks are assigned with Resources, the AEC Budget 2009 data file is ready for a comprehensive analysis and export to the MS Project file-format.
Once sequencing of Tasks in MS Project is done, the AEC Budget 2009 can Synchronize back for further analysis.
The AEC Budget 2009 - A user friendly Bidding & Project Management Software
Provides fully editable data controls
Custom values can be set to guide your reports 
Provides industry specific budget-heads suiting to construction sector as the tool is designed keeping the sector in mind 
Complex Lead Calculations, Direct and Indirect cost budgeting, Methodology building and Risk Analysis are simplified
Can easily be customized to map fields in to an ERP solution
Data Transfer to MS Office Applications
AEC Budget 2009 data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
AEC Budget 2009 data can be transferred to MS Project for scheduling, sequencing and resource leveling
The exported MSP file can be synchronized back for interactive analysis and Methodology building
Once these operations are done, MS Project gives an excellent fully developed file to present the data in all most all available views and  reports including  Critical Path Diagrams and Cash Flows.
Most construction companies use MS Project as a mere bar chart tool. Vital part of the MS Project is neither developed nor used because it is tedious and cumbersome. With AEC Budget 2009 this is all   possible.
The AEC Budget 2009 : A Tool to present MIS Reports

Varied MIS reports of AEC Budget 2009, give an edge over controlled operations and execution of projects. MIS reports of AEC Budget 2009 can be compared while executing projects.
Data Presentation:
The AEC Budget 2009 data is presented in most commonly used formats for easy comprehension.
Resources Summary Report: Perfectly suits to a procurement department in an organization. Escalation and risk related issues could be analyzed with respect to contract conditions.
Machinery Summary Report: A useful report for comprehensive analysis,enabling decision making process whether to go in for outright purchase or to hire Project depreciated cost could be compared with respect to project undertaken,for future usability and balance life etc.
Machinery Mobilization Report:
A comprehensive report showing when to induct and when to de-induct a particular machine into a project for accurate planning.
Project Methodology writing capabilities: Clients insist for submission of construction methodologies showing broad calculations on equipment planning and resources to be employed. More over site engineers and foremen need to understand how to plan a particular task on site for implementation a project. Thus the report enables such requirements.
Detailed Rate-Analysis Report:
An important report to assess, as how a Task is analyzed to arrive at a particular rate. The report shows Resource category wise costs.
Cost Summary Report: Shows all Tasks at a glance in commonly used BOQ format.
Cash Flows:Income Vs Expenditure Graph- Construction firms operate huge infrastructure projects on low investments. In such projects expenditures and incomes have to go hand in hand with minimum cash injections. The funds management is important factor for any construction company. Firms can successfully manage in a much better way if they could use accurate planning tools like AEC Budget 2009. This tool is also very significant in convincing Financial institutions. Construction firms operate huge infrastructure projects on low investments. In such projects expenditure and income have to go hand in hand with minimum cash injections. Firms can successfully manage in a much better way if they could use accurate planning tools like AEC Budget 2009
Fuel Consumption Analysis Report: Fuel consumption may contribute 5-25% of operational cost of a project. AEC Budget 2009 estimates, projects` Fuel requirement and schedules the Fuel procurement mechanism. With the help of AEC Budget 2009 the Site Engineers can compare and control, theoretical and actual fuel consumption pattern with respect to Machinery running & Material movement. AEC Budget 2009 helps to track & reduce the Fuel  consumption where by productivity improves and profitability increases. The efficient Fuel purchase management strongly improves profits of a construction company.
The AEC Budget 2009: A Budgeting Tool:
This tool helps construction companies to work out detailed Budgeting of a project.
Indirect Costs Report: The report indicates the costs involved in establishing and running administration for operation of a project. The report takes care of costs towards taxation, salaries, bond expenses, insurances and many more?.
Direct Cost Report: The direct cost can be seen in both Task and Resource based views. The resource based view also shows break-down costs of Material Transportation apart from Fuel, Repair and Maintenance costs, to enable easy cost-control of a project.
The AEC Budget 2009 : Its Special Cost Analyzing Tools-
Lead Calculator: Complex Lead calculations are made easier to indicate economical, nearest and best sources while execution of a project. With the help of Lead Calculator the project manager can control and reduce the operational cost of a project.
Output Calculator:
Output calculations are made easier to analyze running costs of a machine with respect to output, cycle times and Fuel costs.
Area/Volume Calculator:
A user friendly tool showing areas, volumes and surface areas for a regular geometrical shape is made available handy with the AEC Budget 2009.
Earth Balancing Tool:
Earth Balancing processes where cuts, fills and barrow of materials with useful and waste volumes are involved in a complex combination are made simpler.
Excel Mapping Tool:
A smooth sail from Excel BOQ to AEC Budget 2009 Tasks is made to map relevant fields. Automatic key words for Task identification could be set to pick up resources from related Master Database Tasks.
Task Linking & Copying: The AEC Budget 2009 provides a cool way to link and or copy similar Tasks with in a Project or from different Projects.
Multi-Tasking Formula Bar:
The AEC Budget 2009 allows mixing several Tasks into a single Task by simple multiplication and division factors in a Formula Bar without loosing sanctity of the new Task in Resource Management. Every Project could be Master Database for AEC Budget 2009.
The AEC Budget 2009 provides a smart way to adopt any Project or Projects already analyzed previously as a Master Database to analyze your new project.
Client Standards as Master Database:
The AEC Budget 2009 is designed to assist developing client standards like MORTH, CPWD, State Govt SSRs, DSR and alike as Master Data analysis to base your project analysis.

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