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CAC Treatment System of Acupuncture & Moxibustion  

CAC Treatment System of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Version 2.0 WindowsDOS NextStep

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Three chief advantages from using this software:
1.Get better clinical effect, treat more diseases and produce greater economic and social consequences.Most doctors perceive cure of a disease by computer software simply as to treat a patient by computer instead of man, so they are doubtful about the method. But this is not the case for us, Acupuncture Therapeutic System based on CAC( or CAT)technology, integrates computer aid acupuncture therapy of more than 230 kinds of common diseases in various branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), of which over 200 are good in effect by acupuncture, and other CAC modules such as: Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Reinforcing the Mother and Reducing the Child Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by Meridians Nagan Method in Ziwuliuzhu - Selecting points by Time Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by the Meridians Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Mutual Usage with the Day, Eight Methods of Linggui Eight Methods of FeiTeng Scalp Acupuncture Wrist-ankle Acupuncture Ear Acupuncture Eye Acupuncture Abdomen Acupuncture The Second Metacarpal Side Holographic Acupuncture Balance Acupuncture, etc.. As a doctor, you might often find it difficult to treat some of diseases except those common ones or those you are familiar with in your specialty. CAC Acupuncture Therapeutic System is designed to help you solve this problem. Usually, you have to memorize many acupuncture points before practice or the therapeutic effect may be largely reduced due to your inaccurate acupuncture treatment. In view of this, we have developed this software to save you the trouble in many ways. It helps to improve the accuracy of your acupuncture treatment by giving you a detailed classification of each kind of disease and its corresponding acupuncture prescription and acupoints for your reference. Meanwhile, for the selection of acupoints, it is also equipped with category index or screening according to a disease name or a meridian and even selection of acupoints by time. By means of this, it certainly brings about you a much better clinical effect and faster accumulation of your experience. The system involves more than 500 common acupuncture points with their location, indication, manipulation, relevant figures and the latest references, and 388 acupuncture effective formula with self- maintenance interface, which allows you to add more acupuncture formulas and customize your own CAC therapeutic system to meet daily acupuncture treatment requirements.
2. Make use of computer`s unbounded memory to accumulate your clinical experience more and faster. Taking advantage of computer`s insuperable storage capacity, the system integrates over 230 kinds of common diseases, of which more than 200 kinds effective by computer aid acupuncture therapy in various fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 388 sets of schemes of acupuncture treatment, over 1,000 effective acupuncture formula, 32 volumes of ancient works of Chinese medicine and a great deal of reference materials and the brochures. The reference information (if effective and necessary) is to be added in or updated each year, and it will be cited in time for your current practice by what you see is what you get technique adopted in the system. If you make full use of the information, it will help you accumulate clinical experience and improve your clinical skills in a short time. And thanks for the full digital case history applied in the system, you can analyze case histories more efficiently to obtain more effective prescriptions and more experience. Its value is immeasurable. Compared to the doctors in the ancient time, who had to write case histories manually, how convenient it is for us today to have such a computer software. And is there any reason we do not use it? Whether you are a fledgling intern, or an experienced expert, you will benefit a lot from CAC Acupuncture Therapeutic System.
3. Clinical Electronic Case History??a great 'vault` of a doctor or a medical organization: The all-digital acupuncture case history applied in the system facilitates you to accumulate a large amount of first-hand clinical material with basic information of patients during your clinical practice, which is a priceless and a secret treasure for a doctor. If used properly, it will become an inexhaustible source of profits, especially for a private doctor. And in the future, no matter how you change your address, you won`t lose contact with your patient. Anytime you want to contact your patients, just look for their address detailed documented in the electronic records.

Application Features of the Software:
1.Ease of Use:Generally, a doctor can operate the system and prescribe with it after a few hours of study. When you write a prescription, particularly when borrow a formula or an effective prescription, what you have to do is just clicking your mouse for a few times rather than inputting acupuncture points with your keyboard, which lets produce an acupuncture prescription within a few minutes or even less than a minute.
2.Various Templates available:Most clinical case histories can be automatically completed by over 1800 templates of Traditional Chinese Medicine offered in the system. It also gives you common word templates, physical examination report templates and customized case history templates, which largely promote your history writing efficiency in such a way that you can directly copy the previous case history as the template of the present one.
3.Treatment Assistance:If you feel confused when treating an uncommon disease or one in other fields you are not familiar with, the system will save you the trouble by the feature of assistant treatment. It will provide you the differentiation, the corresponding acupuncture prescription, add or subtract acupuncture points by the symptoms for your reference. The following CAC auxiliary modules are available in the system at the moment: CAC acupuncture auxiliary prescription of common diseases Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Reinforcing the Mother and Reducing the Child Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by Meridians Nagan Method in Ziwuliuzhu - Selecting points by Time Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by the Meridians Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Mutual Usage with the Day Eight Methods of Linggui Eight Methods of FeiTeng Scalp Acupuncture Wrist-ankle Acupuncture Ear Acupuncture Eye Acupuncture Abdomen Acupuncture The Second Metacarpal Side Holographic Acupuncture Balance Acupuncture, etc..
4.Open Database:You can maintain the system database yourself. For instance, it allows you to copy as much the latest information as you like to your reference database and just remember to give it a key word for later query. Furthermore, the CAC module is fully open for you to customize your own computer assistant therapeutic system. You can print your prescriptions in any of 10 formats provided in the system, and you can also design a printing format in your own style if you don`t like it. In a word, to satisfy your application, we will try our best to improve the software. If you have any suggestion, do let us know in time.

Main Function Modules
1.CAC (or CAT) Auxiliary System:To help you diagnose and treat diseases, the system integrates some basic function modules, including: CAC acupuncture auxiliary prescription of common diseases Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Reinforcing the Mother and Reducing the Child Nazi Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by Meridians Nagan Method in Ziwuliuzhu - Selecting points by Time Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu-Selecting points by the Meridians Nagan Method of Ziwuliuzhu -Mutual Usage with the Day Eight Methods of Linggui Eight Methods of FeiTeng Scalp Acupuncture Wrist-ankle Acupuncture Ear Acupuncture Eye Acupuncture Abdomen Acupuncture The Second Metacarpal Side Holographic Acupuncture Balance Acupuncture, etc.. And some of modules are open for you to maintain or modify.
2.Module on patient`s basic information (the first page of a case history):It contains the detailed information of a patient`s various ways of communication, and it is easy for you to do inputting, modification and deletion and query. You can easily find all of a patient's medical records according to his or her name or the corresponding case No. and share the data with community health software.
3.The perfect electronic case history:mainly comprises prescription of acupuncture, western medicine, doctor's advice and assistant therapy, and Chinese patent medicine, and medical photograph, case history, and etc.
4.Case history templates:Include more than 1800 templates of TCM case history, big case history, common medical words, and customized case history, with which you can directly quote or copy a previous history to speed up your history writing.
5.Acupuncture prescription and its regimen function:The system integrates 388 acupuncture prescriptions and 1000 acupuncture regimens for your reference. Only a click of your mouse on the name of the prescription you need, it will complete the writing of a classical or an effective prescription automatically and instantly. And the module of self- maintenance allows you to add in anything without limits.
6.The modules of proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine:The system integrates modules of proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine for prescription and a self-maintenance interface which you can add in any information whenever you feel necessary in daily clinical application. There are more than 544 kinds of common clinical proprietary Chinese medicine available with self-maintenance interface which you can expand with more medicine as you like. Meanwhile, it allows you query or index relevant information of a medicine according to its name, effect or classification.
7.Automatic charging module of proprietary Chinese medicine prescription:Just input the retail price of a proprietary Chinese medicine and maintain the corresponding charging data properly, the system will automatically charge for you to make you work more efficiently. If you have also purchased GSP Inventory Management System from us, then you can let them work together to dispense medicine and deduct it from the inventory for you besides charging.
8.Charging module:A simple charging module allows you to edit charge items and print a receipt when working together with automatic charging module of Chinese medicine prescription.
9.Print module of prescription and case history:This module means to install a customizable prescription and case history print system for various applications. It allows you to define paper in any size. For WINDOWS2000/XP users, we successfully solve the problem of defining a user`s paper size and pinpoint print anything like a full set of invoices with different size. With the default printing options you can output: an acupuncture prescription, a proprietary Chinese medicine prescription, a western medicine prescription, a Chinese medicine with western medicine prescription, a case history, a prescription with a case history, a white ordinary prescription, a yellow emergency prescription, a green pediatrics prescription and a red anesthesia prescription.
10.Medical image module:Each prescription can be attached ten medical images, including sound recordings, videos and image files. And the system itself is also equipped with the function of sound recording, photo scanning and picture shooting.
11.Clinical reference datum system:It includes common clinical reference materials (such as common clinical physics-chemistry examination methods and their normal referential values and the corresponding significance; normal physiological and biochemical values), incompatibility list of commonly-used medicine, intravenous infusion drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, conversion table of medical measurement unit, comparison table of Fahrenheit and Celsius', maximal common medicine dosage for adults, English-Chinese cross checking table for the abbreviations of common clinical medical terms, etc..
12.User-defined references system:You can input any referential material you think important for later quotation.
13.Ancient TCM Books:There are 32 TCM ancient books available in the system for your references: Huang Di`s Orthodox(Medical)Classic, Treatise On Febrile And Miscellaneous Diseases, Synopsis Of The Golden Chamber, Item Differentiation Of Warm Febrile Diseases, Compendium Of Materia Medica, Shen Nong Herbal Classics, Recipes in Rhymes , Treatise On Epidemic Febrile Diseases, Essentials Of Internal Classic, Classic On Medical Problems, Bin Hu Mian Xue, Fuqingzhu's Gynaecology And Obstetrics, Fuqingzhu's Andriatrics, Classic Of Pulse, Great Compendium Of Acupuncture And Moxibustion, The A-B Classic Of Acupuncture And Moxibustion, Ju Ying To Acupuncture And Moxibustion, Wen Dui To Acupuncture And Moxibustion, Elucidation of Fourteen Channels , Chu?s Bequeathed Book, Detailed Outline For Benefiting Female, Liu Juanzi Guiyi Fang/Liu Juanzi's Remedies Bequeathed by Ghosts, A Supplement To The Essential Valuable Prescriptions, Shan Bu Ming Yi Fang Lun, Variorum Of Medical Recipes/Collected Exegesis of Recipes, Correction On The Errors Of Medical Works, Medical Origins, Golden Mirror Of Medicine, Treasured Classic, Principle Of Correct Diet, A Handbook Of Prescriptions For Emergencies.
14.CAD assistant diagnosis and TCM differentiation of disease:There are 4 kinds of CAD assistant TCM diagnostic methods in the system for your reference: 1. symptom differentiation 2. CAD assistant disease diagnosis of TCM (single analysis) 3. TCM diagnostic criterion 4. TCM disease classification on differentiation and the clinical manifestation. On the basis of 1800 syndromes and over 3000 clinical symptoms integrated, the system administrates differentiation and assistant diagnosis of over 570 common diseases, and 1894 TCM differentiation types of disease which involves in Chinese internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology and proctology diseases. Therefore, it largely promotes clinical diagnostic efficiency.
15.Medical data sharing:It exports an electronic case history or converts it to XLS document, and imports an electronic case history, which allows you to perform non-real-time consultation service or export an electronic record to a mobile storage like a USB disk and give it to your patient as an electronic archive.
16.Data Sharing Interface:A. Working together with CAC Therapeutic System of TCM Version2.0, CAC Therapeutic System of Western Medicine Version2.0 and Outpatient Therapeutic System of Chinese Medicine And Western Medicine V1.0358, it shares patient`s basic information by joining the text form acupuncture prescription to the electronic case history of the system B. By sharing data with Synthetic Management Information System Of Community Health Service(CHS) V1.0 , it allows you to directly quote basic information about the residential health care stored in the former software. C. Working together with TCM and Acupuncture Clinic Assistant Software. It saves you from some boring work such as inputting patient's basic information or an electronic case history to enhance your work efficiency, and what you need to do is diagnosing and prescribing.
17.Data sorting and statistics:It helps you order electronic case histories or deal with statistics by western and Chinese medical diagnostics, patient`s name, address, work place, diagnostic date and so on.
18.Data maintenance interface:12 data maintenance interface is open for you to manage the system database.
19.Medical data normalization:The western medical diagnostic standard in the system all comes from WHO ICD-10 codes (international diseases code) and the TCM diagnosis type and TCM differentiation type all from the relevant national standards. Moreover, the first page of electronic case history, prescription and clinical case history observe the corresponding national or Ministry of Health regulations and rules.
20.Remote medical service modules:it supports remote consultation and remote out-patient medical services, and the computer consultation and non-real-time remote medical service can be regulated according to users' needs. Presently it supports remote online consultation or clinic service
21.Local and remote network feature:You can run it on a single machine or share it on several LAN connected machines. You only need to buy several sets of single version software before setting up your own F/S network to share the data. At the present, the system is combined with a VPN client to establish a VPN virtual network to realize remote networking operation. C/S network version with SQL Server 2000 database is also available.
22.Digital signature of the electronic case history:To strengthen data security and an electronic case history as legal evidence, we equip the system with digital signature feature to keep it from any alteration.
23.Clinic or home-visit appointment:You can let the system take down appointment records if your patient makes a clinic or home-visit appointment by telephone and you can check them only by clicking your mouse.

GBK Simplified Chinese Version and BIG5 Traditional Chinese Versionfile size: 90Mb. (both personal edition and network edition available)
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