Common JDK 1.8+ Utility classes Screen shot
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Common JDK 1.8+ Utility classes 3.1 Screenshots

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Common JDK 1.8+ Utility classes 3.1 Screen shot


Common utility classes that work under Swing Java 1.8+.
They are intended to be included in your own Java programs.

Some of the classes included are:

Age : computes age in years, months, days
BigDate : replacement for Date, calendar calculations
CheckPermission : check permission
ClipboardPoker : put something in clipboard
CMPAboutBox : AWT About box
CMPAboutJBox : Swing Abount box
EIO : Encapsulated I/O
FNV1a64 : 64-bit hash function
FontFactory : choose and cache optimal fonts for platform
FullName : parse full name into surname, given, title etc.
Hybrid : hybrid AWT/application
HybridJ : Hybrid SWING/application
ImageInfo : get information about png, jpg, gif, webp image
ImageViewer : display an image
InOrder : ensure collection is in order
JavaVersion : issure right Java version
JEButton : Enhanced JButton
Laf : look and feel
Localise : localise for LfNl
Misc : misc methods
Play : play audio
Progress : progress counter
ResizingImageViewer : viewer that lets user dynamically resize the image.
Shuffle : shuffle a collection
ST : miscellaneous String methods
StoppableThread : gracefully stopping thread
StringSearch : searching a string
TestDate : exercise BigDate
Twirler : Twirler activity indicator
VersionCheck : check Java version

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