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Expert Lotto is suitable for almost any numerical lottery including all types of x/yy lotteries (with and without bonus numbers) and Keno lotteries. You can either download your lottery from the list of ready-to-play lotteries or you can use our user-friendly wizard to setup a new lottery including playslip printing.
Pick3 and Pick4-type lotteries are not supported at the moment.
[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [more] Click here for the current list of ready-to-play lotteries.

Combinations Generator
The Generator creates tickets (ticket is a set of numbers for a single bet) with random numbers or tickets for all combinations of a given range of drawn numbers. For example when playing a 6/49 lottery you can work with all 13983816 combinations. The same applies for Keno lotteries, the only limit is free space on your hard disk. When playing a lottery which draws 10 numbers from a pool of 80 numbers the free disk space required for the complete set of all number combinations is so large that it is way over the capacity limits of current home PCs. Therefore you may appreciate the Filtered Generator feature which allows to apply any filter (see below) on generated combinations which greatly reduces their number and saves your time and disk space.
The Generator can also produce random combinations that overlap each other in a given maximum count of numbers thus creating an ad-hoc wheel with defined win guarantee. If you prefer to select your bets from a range of e.g. only 15 numbers you can create a set of tickets which guarantees to return the cost of the bet plus a "little extra" if you manage to guess correctly at least 4 numbers (the example applies for a 6/49 lottery).
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Filters reduce the number of combinations in a wheel to optimize your bet and Expert Lotto offers a large selection of such filters. You can even link filters together using OR and AND logical operators to implement very complex and powerful filtering conditions.
The list of filters is growing every month - if your favorite filter is missing in Expert Lotto, just ask - we can implement it for you literally overnight.
[picture] [picture] [picture] [more] Click here for a complete list of filters.

Optimizer - Minimizer - Custom Combinations Coverage
The Coverage Filters are unique filters that should be applied as the last step in every lottery strategy. The Coverage Filters reduce the number of existing combinations to create a wheel with required win guarantee. They are especially useful when your lottery strategy produces hundred or more combinations, which are too expensive for your lottery budget. Then you can literally say "I want to have 100% chance of winning at least 1 match in X numbers when I hit Y numbers". The remaining combinations meet your lottery strategy conditions and have the required win guarantee at the same time.

Expert Lotto offers comprehensive statistics to evaluate the winning numbers database mathematically and graphically. You can track and evaluate the frequency of drawn numbers, frequency of pairs and triplets, frequency of combinations of any two numbers and many more throughout the winning numbers history. The statistics are provided as tables and charts and can be calculated for winning numbers as well as for the combinations you wish to bet.
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Winning Numbers
When evaluating the individual drawings as statistically dependent elements it is necessary to have a large winning numbers database. Expert Lotto provides functions to add new winning numbers manually, edit existing one and you can even update winning numbers online.
You can use the winning numbers database to find out which numbers are the most frequent and look for other dependencies.
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Winning Numbers History
Expert Lotto offers a very powerful and unique tool to analyze previous winning numbers. The winning numbers database is presented as eleven chart lines. If you manage to correctly estimate the trend of these lines (the line will ascend/descend in the next draw) you can use Expert Lotto functions to get a reasonably small set of combinations (tens to hundreds of combinations depending on the accuracy of your estimate), which is guaranteed to include the jackpot winning ticket! This procedure is reproducible. Read here for more information.
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Win Tests
It is difficult to find the winning ticket in a large bet and you can even miss the winning one. Expert Lotto will find the winning tickets for you. The playslips printed by Expert Lotto are numbered so it's very easy to find the winning playslips.
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Playslip Printing
Filling playslips manually is tedious and error-prone process. With Expert Lotto you define the playslip layout and dimensions and thus print directly to lottery's official playslips.
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Imports / Exports
Expert Lotto supports seamless exports and imports of combinations to any spreadsheet processor via text-based (CSV) files. You can load and process any wheel downloaded from various websites.
It is also possible to export the contents of all statistics and other tables.

Expert Lotto functionality can be extended by plugins, which implement our new ideas or extend existing features.
[picture] [picture] [more] Click here for the current list of plugins.


There's much more in Expert Lotto.
Get your copy of Expert Lotto and start winning your lottery now!


Please click here to compare features available in Expert Lotto Hobby and Expert Lotto Pro Editions.


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