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Free HTML Viewer 1.0 Screen shot


The Free HTML Viewer is software that lets users view HTML pages and design websites that matter. Since it is very important to have top class web pages for their success, it makes sense to rely on a tool that makes it easier to create them. Any HTML pages available on a server can be accessed with this software and hence, it is a flexible tool that works well for everyone. Even someone who is new in the field of web development will find it very easy to work with. Equipped with a user friendly interface, it has all the functions laid out in a simple manner. Though the name suggests it is a viewer, users can actually edit the documents on servers and ensure that there are no errors it them. The Free HTML Viewer does not have any hidden charges. It can be used for unlimited number of instance without paying a penny. The fact that it can be effective with low or moderate system resources is yet another deal maker. This clean app does not contain any malware or adware and hence, the speed and performance of the device are not affected in any way. Once the content is viewed and edited, if need be, users can even choose to zoom in and zoom out specific portions. If there are a number of files, several of them can be accessed in multiple tabs and viewed simultaneously. This way, they can be compared and edited more easily. The Free HTML Viewer even allows users to copy content onto the clipboard and use the same elsewhere. It is a very functional tool that uses colors for syntax highlighting. The ‘search’ option lets users identify specific codes, etc, whenever they are dealing with a document of a bigger size.

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