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LeoConfidential 1.1 Screen shot


LeoConfidential performs encryption-decryption of text in Unicode encoding that means it work for most languages on the planet earth. The algorithm of encoding is our state of art propitiatory development. The general principal of algorithm is to randomly melt needle of the message into random haystack of numbers. In some sense it can de described as adding so much white noise to the message that is it practically impossible to detect even the presence of the message itself. Statistically there are almost no detectable difference between random array of numbers and one that is hosted encrypted by our algorithm message.

User has an option to include or not password in a encrypted message.
If password included in the encrypted message we would be able to decode it to restore important document in case you forget the password (for some handling fee). If password is not included in message we have no idea how to easy decode the message. In fact the algorithm is developed taking in mind the idea that even developer would have no direct way to decode message without the password incorporated.

One can use LeoConfidential for:
secure sending important and/or confidential message via common e-mail system to recipient who has its version of LeoConfidential and in possession of the individual passport for this message.
keeping personal logins and passwords during travel in one encrypted file on laptop without the fear to lose it and expose all the data.
protect most confidential information on shared or vulnerable for hack computer that is any one connected to internet at these days.

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