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Mega-Workshop Pinnacle Studio 12 & proDAD products for Studio  

Mega-Workshop Pinnacle Studio 12 & proDAD products for Studio Windows

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Book-CD : Pinnacle Studio 12 (all versions)

Studio 12New, the Book-CD for Pinnacle Studio 12 as CHM and PDF in step by step description

Table of Contents:



Foreword and Overview

Video Editing with Pinnacle Studio 12

Tour of Studio 12

  • The Capture Tab
  • The Edit Tab
  • The Make Movie tab
  • SmartMovie, the Fast Way to Create a Project
  • Importing Content

Tour of Studio

  • Creating a Folder for Video Projects on the Video Hard Disk
  • Capturing Clips
  • Creating and Editing a Video Project
  • Exporting the Video Project
  • Importing Files in Studio 12

Capturing and Importing Video Clips, Images and DVD Titles

  • Capturing from a DV Device
  • Capturing from an HDV Device
  • Capturing from an Analog Device
  • Importing Clips from Photo/Video Camcorders with a Hard Disk or Card
  • Capturing, Importing and Editing Frames
  • Importing a DVD Title


Cutting and Transitions

  • Cutting in the Timeline
  • Fading Video Clips in/out using Standard Transitions
  • Alpha Magic Transitions
  • HollywoodFX Transitions
  • Using the Overlay Track with the Picture-in-Picture Effect

Creating and Modifying Titles

  • An Overview of the Studio 12 Title Editor
  • Overlay Title
  • Full-screen Title with own Pictures
  • Designing your own Title
  • Creating a Crawling Title
  • Creating a Roll Title
  • Editing Existing Title Templates

Effects & Plug-ins

  • The Color Correction Video Effect
  • The Stabilize Video Effect
  • The Lens Flare Video Effect
  • Creating a Multilayer Mix
  • Creating a Video Wall
  • The Old Film Video Effect
  • The Old Film Video Effect - Extended (RTFX Volume 1)
  • The Magnify Advanced Video Effect (RTFX Volume 1)
  • The 2D Editor Advanced Video Effect
  • Using an HFX Effect on a Clip in the Overlay Track
  • Using the Chroma Keyer
  • Using the Picture-in-Picture Effect and Chroma Keys
  • Picture-in-Picture Effect with Keyframes
  • Using PAN and Zoom on a Frame/Still
  • Adding a Marker and the Peak Meter Audio Preview
  • proDAD Vitascene Effect as a Plug-in in Studio
  • Using Boris Graffiti in Studio

Working with Audio

  • Using Audio Files from the Album
  • Using Scorefitter and Regulating the Volume
  • Setting Surround Sound and Stereo Sound
  • Using Sound Effects and Importing MP3 Files
  • Recording a narration with a Microphone
  • Using CD Music
  • The Noise Reduction Audio Effect

DVD Authoring - Creating a Menu

  • Using and Modifying Static Menus from the Album
  • Motion Menus (with Animated Background)
  • Creating your own DVD Menus


Making a Movie

  • Exporting to Tape (DV, HDV and Analog)
  • Exporting as Audio only
  • Exporting as AVI File
  • Exporting as MPEG File (MPEG 1,2 and 4)
  • Exporting as a Web File (Real and Windows Media)
  • Exporting as Sony PSP
  • Exporting as iPod compatible
  • Exporting as DivX File
  • Exporting as a Flash File
  • Exporting as 3GP
  • Creating a disc (DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray-Disc/AVCHD)
  • Creating a VCD
  • Creating an SVCD
  • Uploading to the Web

The World of Effects, Titles and Animations

proDAD Mercalli as Plug-in in Studio 12

proDAD Vitascene

  • What is proDAD Vitascene ?
  • Plug-in as video effect (Ray/Shine)
  • Plug-in as transition (Light Ray Wipes)
  • Applying Filter-Presets
  • Image/video clip import
  • Applying the Light Ray Wipes transition effect between 2 identical logo animations
  • Applying the Starburst filter to an illuminated building
  • Applying the Zoom Blur effect
  • Applying the filter Border with Blur + Sparkle

proDAD Heroglyph

  • What is proDAD Heroglyph ?
  • Plug-in as video effect
  • Route with Moving Object and Fade Out Effect
  • 3D-Title and Multilayering
  • Overlaying a title with different graphics
  • Tips and Tricks in Drawing a Route
  • Split Screen with Image and Title

proDAD Adorage

  • Plug-in as video effect (Picture with Fade IN / OUT)
  • Plug-in as transition (2D)

Publisher: proDAD GmbH | More by proDAD GmbH | Visit Home Page
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