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Mp4 Video 1 Click Screen shot


This is the only video/audio converter that extracts bright, loud, anywhere-playing mp4/h264 video or mp3 audio from ANY video or audio file regardless of its format, container or codec, exactly in one mouse click. The video or audio extracted is guaranteed to be played by any player on any device: desktop computer, mobile phone, etc.

Mp4 Video 1 Click can eat ANY video or audio format, container or codec and produce high quality anywhere-playing mp4/h264 video or mp3 audio file with brightness/loudness enhanced and normalized automatically.

You don't need to think or analyze an input file yourself anymore. Just one mouse click and watch or listen to. Exactly. Forever.

Hardware acceleration is used where possible!

* Produces anywhere-playing mp4/h264 video or mp3 audio files only: they are guaranteed to be played by any video player on any device even ancient one.
* Zero-configuration tool: all the stuff is done just in one mouse click. No settings to take care about.
* Hardware acceleration is used where possible automatically.
* You may select whether you want to adjust brightness and loudness of the video generated or loudness only.
* You may create 480p, 720p, 1080p video or choose no-scale (to preserve original width and height).
* You may extract high quality mp3 audio from any video or audio file with loudness adjusted automatically.
* All known input video or audio formats, containers, codecs, etc. in the world are supported.
* For professionals: FFMPEG v.3.3.3 32-bit console on a file selected by mouse context menu with pre-typed command line for your convenience.
* SHA256(Setup_Mp4Video1Click_1_1_0_0.exe)= e70a06e29ff5864952fbc15c6a6a26202713b50c3695e4ae0886090d61c38fe5.
* P.S. 4K h265 video from modern phones? Of course, it is supported! It can be played natively or converted to anywhere-playing mp4/h264 video.

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