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Order Manager for Buyers and Sellers 2.0 Screenshots

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Order Manager for Buyers and Sellers 2.0 Screen shot


Order Manager for Buyers & Sellers is software you can use for your online business or for your personal online orders in any site. If you selling, it has all features for drop shipping. If you a buyer, you can manage your personal orders. Some features include:

* Keep records of your drop shipping / personal Orders.
* Auto tracking status update.
* Update status of your orders and add reminders / notes.
* Easily select / search orders by their status, tracking number or IDs.
* Store links to all of regular items you purchase. Easy to purchase next time.
* All orders and items are group by Stores. So you can easily filter orders by stores. When your mark orders as Dispute, it will increase the dispute count of that particular store. By that dispute count, you can label stores as Good or Bad.
* If you are a buyer and want to place an order in a later time, you can store the product page link in Order to place section.
* If you are a seller, eBay / Amazon have strict rules about the date you ship your orders. But if you really cannot ship on estimated date, you can put the order link in Order to place section in Order Manager for Buyers & Sellers and mark as Shipped on eBay / Amazon and ship the order later (We do NOT recommend this).
* Advanced profit Calculator calculate the profit by considering all fees / discounts. So you know the correct price to list.
* Address separator / Combiner to separate / combine between 'full address' and 'Street, States, ZIP, etc..'.
* Find US / Canada states by their short codes.
* Message templates to easily complete and send regular messages.
* Automatically backup / restore database, passwords protect and many more features.

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