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Splines PLUS 2.1 WindowsMac

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Get more out of splines with the plugin Splines PLUS for Cinema 4D R8 and up! These three versatile generator objects will facilitate and enhance your work with splines. SplineCombine combines several splines similar to the Boole object. Collect and append splines, merge and divide splines at their intersections, or calculate the intersections. SplineDivide provides alternate subdivision modes for spline interpolation to come closer to the original spline with less points. SplineClone duplicates objects along a spline with many options to control where and how to position the clones. SplineMesh creates a mesh from splines similar to Loft NURBS but with additional options. PointToSpline converts any point object to a spline.

SplineCombine has five modes to create a spline by combining splines. Collect and collect splines build a new spline that consists of all input splines. In addition, the splines may be appended in five different ways. Merge connects splines at their intersections. Divide separates a spline at the intersections with other splines. Intersect creates a new spline from all intersections. The last three modes may be applied to the segments of a single spline as well. See sample image for examples of the different combination modes.

SplineDivide interpolates splines in a more balanced way. You can use natural and uniform subdivision. The points may be distributed equally to each segment or balanced according to the length and the bend of each segment. Finally, you can prevent subdividing straight lines. For splines with several different segement types (long and short, straight and bent), this results in a more homogeneous distribution of the points. When using the splines to build objects, you get a better looking shape with less polygons. See sample image for a comparison between the build-in subdivision modes of Cinema 4D and SplineDivide.

SplineClone duplicates one or several objects along a spline. There are five modes to determine where to create clones: at the spline points, at the interpolated points, for a natural distribution, for a uniform distribution, and for the distance on the spline. You can create all clones along the spline or select a starting clone and the number of clones to create. The clone order can be absolute for the spline or relative to the created clones, and it can be randomized. The clones may be moved, scaled, and rotated along the spline. SplineClone may be used also for animations of objects along a spline. See sample image for some examples of cloning.

SplineMesh creates a mesh from splines. It is similar to Loft-NURBS, but has additional parameters to control and optimize the created mesh. You can select different numbers of subdivisions and different kinds of interpolations. See sample image for some example meshes.

Note: You have to enter your Cinema 4D registration number (first 11 digits) during purchase to get the registration code for Splines PLUS.


  • Supported versions
    • Windows: Cinema 4D R8 or higher
    • Windows 64bit: Cinema 4D R11 or higher
    • Mac OS X: Cinema 4D R9.5 or higher
    • Mac OS X 64bit: Cinema 4D R11 or higher
    • Mac: Cinema 4D R8 - R9.6
  • All generators accept instance objects and other spline generators as input.
  • Manual and 18 sample scenes included.

Publisher: Ralf Sesseler | More by Ralf Sesseler | Visit Home Page
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License: Shareware $ 19.06
Last updated: More than a year ago ( 2 Oct 09)
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