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TCC-RT 22.0 Screen shot


TCC-RT is a free fully functional run time version of TCC (Take Command Console), the console mode command processor included in our flagship product Take Command. TCC-RT allows you to run TCC batch files without having to install (or pay for) the full Take Command or TCC on every system. You will still want at least one Take Command or TCC license to create and debug your scripts.

TCC-RT allows you to write (and encrypt) scripts using the TCC command language, and then distribute them on an unlimited number of target machines.

Because TCC-RT is intended only for non-interactive use on systems without a full Take Command installation, it does not support a few TCC commands that only work with Take Command, or which arent usable in a batch file environment. These commands wont return an error; they just wont do anything:

OPTION dialogs

TCC-RT also does not support command dialogs, interactive command line input & editing, or the PRE_INPUT, PRE_EXEC, and POST_EXEC aliases.

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