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G-Tools for PowerPoint  

G-Tools for PowerPoint 1.95 Windows

    Platform: Windows 7,Windows 7 x32,Windows 7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows 8 x32,Windows 8 x64
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Text Features

Text to Outline - convert text to a vector outline. You can convert a single text shape or search for all text within a presentation that uses your specified font. Once converted, the text looks just like it did before but you can edit it in ways you cannot edit a text box and it means you can send presentations to anyone without having to embed fonts or requiring the user to install them. Note: PowerPoint 2013 only.

Shapes Features

Same Size ? select multiple shapes and use this button to set them all the same size. Same Position - select multiple shapes and use this button to set them all to the same central position. Same Size and Position ? do both of the above together! Stack Vertical ? select multiple shapes and stack them precisely on top of each other without any spacing between them. Stack Horizontal - select multiple shapes and stack them precisely next to each other without any spacing between them.

Groups Features

Add Shape to Group ? select one group that already has animation(s) set and with a second selection of another shape, picture, video etc. add that to the original group without loosing all of your valuable animation settings, layering and naming properties. This is a real time saver!

Color Features

Create Palette ? create a new color palette based on the fill color of your selected shape using one of 8 different color harmony modes: include complementary, analogous, triadic, split complimentary, square, rectangle, equidistant and monochromatic. Create Wheel ? specify the number of arcs and circles in your color wheel and create it right on your slide with editable shapes that you can then use with the format painter to color other objects in your presentation or build your own unique color palette.

Window Features

Resize Window : set the width and height of the PowerPoint window to a pre-defined standard video size to make capturing video tutorials easy. We used it to set the size to the HD mode of 720p to record the video below!
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