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VA Apartment Designer Download  

VA Apartment Designer Download Windows

    Platform: WinNT,Windows 2000,WinXP,Windows Server 2003,XP Tablet PC,Windows XP x64,Windows Vista,Windows Server 2008
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VA ApartmentDesigner

The VA ApartmentDesigner is the modern planning software for your demands, for either drawing of the already existing apartment or the planning of a new one, easy to do and to display photo realistic. You don`t need to have special CAD knowledge to use this software.

You plan your project, means walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc. in the floor plan and with one mouse click you will see your project in 3D. This way you can visual check  your project, the entire apartment as well as the constructive details. In the planning phase you have the opportunity to check on the design and the best illumination of the rooms in reference to the real lighting conditions.

The VA ApartmentDesigner is compatible with all available ArCon open versions. You can use and complete all apartment data in VA ApartmentDesigner.

Of course the functions in the ApartmentDesigner are limited, for example you can only work on one floor. The living areas can be calculated like in ArCon.

For architects, interior designer, developer, realtor or handy men ? with the VA ApartmentDesigner you have not only an efficient planning software, but also a very effective presentation device. There are often divergences, when it comes to three-dimensional imagination. The three dimensional view and the virtual walking through your living project helps you to avoid planning mistakes and supports the imagination.  

The fact, that the VA ApartmentDesigner has a graphic and easy to use screen and also is intuitive to use, makes it unnecessary to complete a computer course, the VA ApartmentDesigner explains itself. You find all the necessary information and tips in the manual as well as in the provided online help. Just with  a mouse click you get at once the desired information for the present question. The planning and construction will be easier and the results are faster available.

To receive additional information about VA ApartmentDesigner at the same time, the uncut VA Software manual is available on your computer. In the construction mode you start with the floor plan. With the powerful functions you put in windows, doors and stairs, which you can check for correctness already during enter with the 3D Preview.  

With a mouse click you switch into the design mode, which shows you the building  in a photo realistic 3D-Display. In the design mode you plan the furnishing, continue with the design and choose the colours. For that the VA ApartmentDesigner provides a catalogue with furniture, surface structures and colours. With a simple ?Drag & Drop? you pull the wallpapers on the walls or put the furniture in the rooms. Putting in lamps and with the setting of the sun and moon position you get light into your planning. The integrated rendering mode gives you a photo realistic display of light, shadow and reflection.


  • Remodeled surface in 3D Touch
  • Exclusive WACKENHUT SCHLAFKULTUR 3D Objects included.
  • You can import and export 3DS-Files into the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional for continue work in other CAD-programs.
  • Dramatic speed increase when working in the design mode of the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional with DirectX support.
  • The VA ApartmentDesigner Professional provides Real-time Shadow when walking through, additional an adjustment to soften the shadows.
  • Room planning mode, generating of floor plans, made possible with definitions of single rooms (rectangular, L-shape, T-shape, trapezium-shaped, polygonal), which will be put together with ?drag & drop? . 
  • The VA ApartmentDesigner Professional Texture- and Material pipette ? for easy transfer of used textures and / or materials from one point to another.
  • Preview when loading objects in ApartmentDesigner Professional. When loading objects you are already able to preview in the ?Open File?- Dialog box a project, either as a floor plan or in 3D-view in the preview window. The display of the project data (builder etc.) is also possible.
  • Input options of windows, roof area windows and doors in the design mode are displayed graphical interactive in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional.
  • Changing options of construction elements in the design mode, elements of the construction mode (windows, stairs, plates, supports, chimneys) can be moved interactive in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional.
  • Editing of walls, for example Separating, Extending, Trimming
  • Moving function in the construction mode. Complete floor plan areas can be marked and afterwards be moved either interactive or numerical ( Selection choice via rectangle or polygon). Windows and doors are moving automatically with the walls. Selected supports, chimneys, etc. will be moved as well.
  • Selecting of furnishing objects in the construction mode. Furnishings can be selected, changed or moved (also with entire area moving, see above)
  • Automatically outside measures in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional: All outside measures incl. windows and doors will be generated with a push of a button and automatically updated when changes occur.
  • Additional 3D-window in the construction mode, freely re-positioning , for the simultaneous 3D-view when constructing.
  • Free definition of texture measures ( size, origin, direction ) on walls, floors, ceilings, plates, chimneys and supports like with the plate designer of the version ArCon +6 open
  • Measure function for measure information in the construction mode
  • New input variant for round walls: Circular arc tangential at wall
  • Overview measures in the construction mode when generating walls, beams, screeds, windows, doors and wall block outs.
  • Additional labeling field
  • Additional windows through the ApartmentDesigner Professional window-macro-dialogue


True to scale input
True to scale input of any complex floor plans, supported by raster, support lines and ruler/font> are possible in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional.
Plan and Design
It is possible to plan and design endless floors including basement and attic floor.
Floors can be shown / hidden in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional. Walls will be generated and blended as 3D-models.Windows and doors can be selected from given pallets or can be designed by intelligent assistants.
Necessary wall openings will be automatically generated when placing. Ceilings will be moved in automatically.

Wall holes
It is possible to cut any rectangular holes into walls.
There is a check box in the dialogue ?advanced window design? to show or to hide the window frame (incl. glass).

Automatic stairs construction
The VA ApartmentDesigner Professional has an automatic stairs construction incl. handrails for L-and U shaped pedestals as well as for straight, coiled, half-coiled stairs and for
arbor- and circular arc stairs. All stairs can be selected either as solid- or wood construction. The surfaces are freely designable and at a push on a button the optimum safety after DIN 18065 can be calculated. A lower and a top level displacement can be calculated for every stair. Furthermore, for every straight single run stair can be the inclined accession and egression be selected via angle input. With the help of this special ?stair types?, ramps can be included into the planning, for example to design apartments for handicapped people. To generate any polygonal stairs and to select different handrail types use the polygonal coiled stair. The many setting possibilities allow the adaptation to different styles. Any 3D-objects can be used as poles. The filling of the handrail can be done with vertical alternatively horizontal bars or with a glass area.

Complete furnishing in 2D and 3D mode
Planning of the complete furnishing up to wall papers and floor covering in different style catalogues, which include more than 3000 objects and textures (textures are used for surface structures )with the enclosed standard catalogue in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional
. Furthermore, you have the choice to generate any own textures.
Besides Windows ? BMP ?Files also following files will be supported: JPEG, TIF, PCX, GIF and PNG.  
Also moving objects can be now displayed in the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional. With the moving objects is it possible for example to open the door of a cabinet.

Consideration of sun and moon position
With the help of a dialogue box you can determine longitude and latitude (the input can also be done by country and city).
The daytime determines the exact position of sun or moon, which can be shown in the background when wished by the user. In reference to the time of the year and day a determination of the daylight colour will be shown. A north arrow can be positioned on the construction plan. This north arrow determines the direction of sun and moon.

Photo realistic presentation with Ray-Tracing
A special function of the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional is the photo realistic simulation of the light conditions with the help of Ray-Tracing. Light, shadow, transparency and reflection will be calculated realistically. The VA ApartmentDesigner contains of course a generation of high quality pictures for your presentation.
Building-/Object shadow
The user has the possibility to determine, if the Apartment shows a shadow or not (for example a building shadow for outside videos with patio shadow). F
or objects can be chosen as well, if they should show a shadow or not. This is sometimes important when generating pictures to use shadows. This function is an addition to the already existing function ?lamp generates shadow?.
Labelling, dimensioning and output
The dimensioning of floor plans with single- or chain measures is another feature of the VA ApartmentDesigner Professional. An effective and scale output for every floor, including frame and writing field can be done with every to windows connected printer or plotter
. Floor plans, views and pictures can be included into Microsoft Word for Windows for presentations of all> 
Foreground / Background - Bitmap
A Bitmap as a foreground or background can be shown at any place in the design mode (for example the VA Virtual Architecture logo, company logo, etc.).
This bitmap is also shown on the generated pictures and videos.

There is the possibility to insert a bitmap for the background presentation (horizon, view angle).


Import of DWG, HPGL- und 2D-DXF-Files
DWG, HPGL- and 2D-DXF files can be used and shown as foils for the floor plan input. Also our VA Software versions include as a standard the export of HPGL-and 2D-DXF-files and ProCAD-foils as 3D mode for further use in other CAD-programs.
Creating of videos as AVI-files
The VA ApartmentDesigner Professional can create videos with the common Windows video format AVI.
 Create professional videos for the builder and set a new standard in the presentation of your building project.

Detailed room information
At the push of a button detailed room information can be created as a text document including room identification, information text and automatically calculated data, like floor area, volume, ad measurement and wall area. A listing of all rooms as RTF-file can be created with Microsoft Word for Windows, which additionally if you like includes a listing of the furnishing per room. The complexity of the data can be chosen by the user.
Calculation of floor areas and volumes
The rooms can be assigned for the occupancy according to DIN.
The calculation of the areas and volumes can be done with the help of the function ?room info? as a word document. All articles of DIN 277 will be taken in consideration for the calculation of the ground areas and volumes ( for example room heights lower or higher than 1,50 meters).
Virtual walls
With the help of virtual walls you can create rooms, which sides are not completely surrounded by walls, that means, you can create logical rooms which will be taken into consideration for the area calculation, or continues walls can be separated for separate texturing.
Also you are able to create floors with different levels with the help of virtual walls.

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