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Onyx Arranger 2.1 plus OOStyle Sets ##06-15 and PMStyle Sets ##02-08 - Onyx Arranger 2.1 ? an advanced arranger/sequencer with flexible real-time control of MIDI data transformation for pro and amateur musicians. ...

Style Enhancer 4.0 plus PMStyle Sets ##02-08 - Style Enhancer 4.0 is the sequencer based on Performance Modeling technology with powerful and intelligent MIDI-data generation and transformation. ...

RightMark Audio Analyzer PRO - RightMark Audio Analyzer (RMAA) suite is designed for testing quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices, be it a sound card, an MP3 player, a consumer CD/DVD player or an acoustic... ...
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Audio & Multimedia::Analyzing & Testing has 15 titles.
MP3 Splitter Screen shot

MP3 Splitter

MP3 Splitter is an easy-to-use tool for splitting large MP3 file into smaller MP3 formats. With the build-in MP3...

Shareware | $ 19.99
MP3 Stream Editor Screen shot

MP3 Stream Editor

Visual editor (cutter/splitter/joiner) for MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Opus, MP4, DSD audio without decoding (without loosing...

Shareware | $ 50.45
MultiTone Generator Screen shot

MultiTone Generator

The Multi Tone Generator (MTG) turns the PC into a multi oscillator sound generator for testing or demonstration,...

Shareware | $ 22.42
Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software Screen shot

Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software

This program is a loudspeaker test software to help analyse defects and investigate functionality with the help of a...

Shareware | $ 28.03
Filtered Noise Generator Screen shot

Filtered Noise Generator

The Filtered Noise Generator (FNG) can generate noise signals and apply different frequency filters on them in real...

Shareware | $ 22.42
Intelligent Sound Booster Screen shot

Intelligent Sound Booster

Intelligent Sound Booster, the result is a nearly linear frequency response. For the listener, this creates more...

Shareware | $ 49.00
Fusion Field Screen shot

Fusion Field

Fusion Field is a smooth reverb that sits beautifully in a mix. It's clean, unobtrusive sound has a natural falloff...

Shareware | $ 76.18
Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 plus 6 additional Styles Sets (##2-7) Screen shot

Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 plus 6 additional Styles Sets (##2-7)

Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 - is the Performance Modeling MFX Plug-in for SONAR/Cakewalk and Cubase/Nuendo software. It...

Shareware | $ 59.00
NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 Screen shot

NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4

NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 (SM2.4 ) - is an easy to use and powerful MIDI tool, focused towards composers, arrangers and...

Shareware | $ 39.00
Onyx Arranger 2.1 Screen shot

Onyx Arranger 2.1

Onyx Arranger 2.1 ? an advanced arranger/sequencer with flexible real-time control of MIDI data transformation for...

Shareware | $ 59.00
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