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Auto2Fit - Auto2Fit is a revolution tools for optimization, especially, in the area of nonlinear regression, Auto2Fit beats all other simliar ones. Almost all data analysis software packages (SPSS, SAS,... ...

Spline Explode - Spline Explode is an external tool, which converts AutoCAD Splines into polylines. The splines will be broken up into a series of line segments, a series of tangent arcs, or a combination of both.... ...

ClinTools - Pro - ...
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Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-B Screen shot

Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-B

UnitConvertor-B is a Fluid and Engineering unit-convert computer program. It has very useful interface that is quick...

Shareware | $ 15.00
Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-C Screen shot

Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-C

UnitConvertor-C is Electricity, Magnetism and Sound unit-convert computer program. It has very useful interface that...

Shareware | $ 15.00
Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-D Screen shot

Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-D

UnitConvertor-D is Heat, Light and Radiology unit-convert computer program. It has very useful interface that is...

Shareware | $ 15.00
Innovative calculator - InnoCalculator Screen shot

Innovative calculator - InnoCalculator

InnoCalculator is a multipurpose and comprehensive desktop calculator for Windows. Its underling implementation...

Shareware | $ 15.00
Math Practice Screen shot

Math Practice

Math Practice is an easy to use software addressed to parents who wish to help kids make their first steps into the...

Shareware | $ 9.99
LeoDataAnalysis Screen shot


Comprehensive tool for statistical analysis and modeling of experimental and market data. Universal input from...

Commercial | $ 9.95
Pascal's Triangle Formula Screen shot

Pascal's Triangle Formula

Explore Pascal's Triangle visually. Pascal's Triangle Formula lets you zoom in and modify many properties of the...

Shareware | $ 7.00
Multiply In Your Head Screen shot

Multiply In Your Head

Learn to multiply large numbers in your head, up to many digits. Multiply In Your Head helps you amplify your...

Shareware | US$ 4.00 US$ 3.60 with 10% discount coupon
InnerSoft STATS Screen shot

InnerSoft STATS

InnerSoft STATS is a Descriptive Statistics Application. InnerSoft STATS compute statistics for parameter estimation...

Shareware | $ 40.00
MadCalc Screen shot


MadCalc is a full featured graphing calculator application for your PC running Windows. With MadCalc you can graph...

Shareware | $ 10.00
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