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Description of XWord Professional

XWord Professional is considered as pre-press process, the end result of which is a comprehensive product that is ready for the introduction to the document for printing. Although the system in principle gives the result is ready for printing, but still considered as part of a larger production process, as a source of entering the layout of the entire publication.

If the purpose of production process is the only production of crosswords, then general software can does not participate in it. XWord Professional provides a full cycle of production crosswords. If the goal is a different result, then additional software can be necessary.

Traditionally, in order to create a crossword puzzle in some design program it is necessary to design all the way there. For example in crossword puzzle need to draw cells, bind to some of them the arrows, the arrows will also need to design, implement images, enter text, change the background color of some cells, all neatly distribute to a uniform color, size and font. I.e. necessary to carry out a complex of works and good, if the design will not be changed later. When creating the next Crossword puzzle with new distribution of cells and the size a designer will have to work hard again. In all these activities the probability of error increases proportionally to the number of actions. Highly skilled and patient specialist engaged in such work.

In XWord Professional creation the same crossword puzzle is to set the general characteristics and the calculation and drawing is done automatically. The number of steps required to create a crossword puzzle, disproportionately small with any non-specialized program. Thus the number of errors is reduced proportionally, and because all is calculated by software, an error by the maximum excluded. All the lines, colors, sizes, arrows will be strictly equal, unless otherwise specified by the user. Changing the design does not involve any tedious actions and will be the only change in characteristics. The program will recalculate all the dimensions and positions.

After creating a crossword puzzle in non-specialized program will need to carefully check the design. This stage will be needed every time when design is changed.

In XWord Professional all calculated by software, and this means that the control of design is carried out at this stage, because pointless to monitor the program. So the focus can be given to filling. Thus, with a decrease of control, quality does not decrease, but rather for more attention to the content, and even improves the quality of the content.

Lack of communication with the database of non-specialized program entails confusion. For example, changing the definitions already in the last stages can be not entered into the database, and thus reused. In the traditional version of the software feedback is completely absent, and usually entails the different outcome from the original source, so you can never say that what has been prepared, it was printed.

XWord Professional has a direct connection to a database of words and definitions and automatically fills a crossword puzzle grid. Therefore, the response time to change will be many times faster than the traditional version of process. For example do not like the word got into the crossword. In the traditional version of the replacement will be necessary to enter all the definitions or re-import a template, and repeat all the changes to the design, if any. In XWord Professional only need a few clicks to refill the grid with the new words and definitions, and to export to the same design. The complexity of the above processes is incommensurable.

In summary, we can say that the specialized program provides the following benefits:
- fast creation of product of specialization at an early stage;
- automatic redrawing of the product of specialization by changing only the characteristics, exclusion of mismatches and inaccuracies;
- rapid changes in product design without the time-consuming changes of all its parts;
- reduction of labor costs for checking of design, while maintaining high quality of the final result;
- reallocation of labor in the direction of the content of the product, increasing quality of content;
- high speed of response to the demands of changing the content and design, reduce the labor intensity.

When tested in XWord Professional several times faster the finished result was obtained than in the traditional way. And in it was involved a smaller number of specialists.

Of course the disadvantage of specialized program is the low flexibility, which cannot allow to get a specific result.

The system has all the features of network software. A local version is just a special case of fully degenerate network. The system is intended for use in enterprises engaged in production of printed materials and can be used as a tool of production process instead of paper documents regarding the creation, control and edit crossword puzzles. Number of working places depends on the technical possibilities, the database server version and software license.

The database system has rigid relationships between entities, and all information is stored within it. Centralized general information stored only in the database and does not have any other related data, whether the image files, documents or crossword puzzles grids. This storage method increases the safety of access to the data and keeps its integrity. Also fully supported by system services of a database, such as backup, restore, replication, etc. At the same time a document stored in the database has an unique format that can be read only by the software and thus provides basic protection from unauthorized results read by other software. For maximum protection it is recommended to use encryption database, which in turn will encrypt all the information in it, including images, documents, etc.

Brief description of functionality
♦ Automated initial database creation and filling of the system classificators.
♦ Import / export of words and definitions from / to CVS format. Export into XML and HTML.
♦ Import images into the database in supported formats BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PNG.
♦ Import / export of crossword grids from specialized format (XGRID) based on XML.
♦ Database management: adding, searching, editing, and deleting of used data.
♦ Creating and editing of grids of crossword.
♦ Simultaneous management of multiple languages in the database.
♦ Automated grid creation for Scandinavian crossword (ArrowWord, Clue-In-Square).
♦ Automatically filling the grids of crossword puzzles by words and definitions in any language available in the database of words and definitions, the definition may have hieroglyphs.
♦ Saving in the database the information used in the crossword puzzles.
♦ Control of repeatability of words with customizable depth of numbers within one publication.
♦ Creating thematic crosswords. Possibly the inclusion and exclusion of themes for both the words and for definitions. Groups setup and controls by user.
♦ Creating crossword puzzles with different levels of complexity. Possibly the inclusion and exclusion of the words and the definitions. Groups setup and controls by user.
♦ Creating crossword puzzles oriented to a particular region. Possibly the inclusion and exclusion of the region as well for the words and the definitions. Regions setup and controls by user.
♦ Creating crossword puzzles with the definitions in different languages for learning foreign languages, including hieroglyphs. Setup and controls by user.
♦ Post-editing the filled crossword puzzles grid and then updating data in the database.
♦ Image scaling, changing brightness and contrast.
♦ Printing the page of the current session.
♦ Exporting the puzzles to a file in graphics formats BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PNG.
♦ Exporting of the documents into EPS (Encapsulated PostScript through document printing if printer driver is supported such format.
♦ Exporting of the document into IDML (InDesign Markup Language
♦ Saving / loading current session in a specialized document format (XWD), onto the device in the form of a file, and in the database.
♦ Limited functioning without the presence of the connection to a database.

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