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Xidie Security suite  

Xidie Security suite 2.1 Windows

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Over 50 carrier types implemented on steganography module!
Xidie is one of the most complete, innovative and complex application in steganography branch. Offer over 50 carrier types including many new technologies like ADS, Microsoft Office carrier, Registry keys etc. Most of carrier types implemented in Xidie are unique: Tiff and Word, Excel workbooks, Access databases Registry keys, Microsoft console documents, Event log files Cookies, subtitles, dictionary and PDF documents Alternate data streams and attaching method with multiple files carrier.
Batch scripts
The great advantages of batch files created with Xidie: automatically create archives (secured or not) or unpack archives (secured or not) with no user interaction required. And to create a batch file, all the command line parameters are set-up automatic by Xidie with no user interaction (just specify the batch file name where to save the script). You do not need to specify any arguments, all the hard work of setting up complex commands is done for you by Xidie and you don`t need to have any special knowledge. Xidie make all the jobs for you!
Shell integration
Another advantage of using Xidie is shell integration which means that several additional items will be added to the standard file and folder contextual menus which appear when you click the right mouse button on a file icon in Windows Explorer. That is, you don't need to start Xidie in order to create a simple or secure archive or to unpack a Xidie (secure or not) archive or to hide a file or folder into another file or secure delete a file. For example, simply double-click on the archive icon and you open the Xidie archive or right click on Xidie archive icon and from contextual menu select what do you want to do. Or right click on any file or folder icon from Windows explorer and you could directly archive (secure or not) with a single mouse click!
Xidie scripts
In order to automate the daily jobs Xidie also offers you as an alternative to batch scripts Xidie script files. So if you want to execute the same job (to archive same files every day, to decrypt same archive every day etc.) you could save this info as a Xidie script. To run the script ( script name is same as the archive name) just select it's name.
Password keeper
By using Xidie password keeper, all accounts information from e-mail, Internet, Ftp accounts and also all passwords used to secure documents will be stored in a single place in a very secure way. And with only one password you could access all other passwords and accounts information.
Compressed archives (Zip and Xidie format)
Xidie archivator is a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files; offer you solid archiving, which can raise compression ratio by 10% - 50% over more common methods, particularly when packing a large number of small, similar files. Two formats available for archives: Xidie and popular Zip. Compressed files and folders can be moved to any drive or folder on your computer or could be direct burn to CD, uploaded to an FTP server or send to by e-mail as attachment. Secure archives
Xidie implements and uses some proprietary encryption algorithms and some standard encryption algorithms. By default Xidie have implemented the AES algorithm for encryption at its longest (strongest) key length, currently 256 bits. The implementation is compliant with the FIPS 197 recommendation. Xidie allows you to encrypt not only file data, but also other sensitive archive areas: file names, sizes, attributes, comments and other blocks. Without a password it is impossible to view even the list of files in archive! Shredder
If you want to permanently delete files or folders in a secure way, you must use a special program for secure delete files and folders and this is what the shredder from Xidie is doing. Due to the fact that if files are deleted, their original content remains un-erased on the hard disk for an uncertain time, with a low level disk examination utilities you might recognize and recover files deleted with programs like Windows Explorer or other.
Backup utilities:
Here you will find other useful tools: CD burner, FTP download, HTTP downloads, Direct mail, Folder backup or Quick Notepad

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