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Easy to use.
AnyVideo Converter HD has a very simple user interface. Supports drag and drop functionality and doesn't require technical knowledge to be used.Our user love it!

High speed conversion.
Very high speed conversion by optimizing the use af all processors. The core engine is designed to maximize performance on both 32bit and 64bit computers. When you start a conversion, AnyVideo Conversion HD use all available power from all CPU to complete the job as fast as possible. All CPUs works togheter and you save your time!

Suited for MKV files.
Many video files are available in .mkv video format. AnyVideo Converter HD is suited to convert this kind of file. Sometime .mkv contain multiple subtitles, or multiple audio tracks. You can select one directly from the original file, and you can enjoy your movie with your prefered language, without further conversion.

Audio language selection.
If your video file contains multiple audio tracks you can select one to convert. The selected audio track is embedded on the converted video and you can view it on your device, without any setting on player. Simply press play and enjoy your movie. Sometime you can find movies with audio and video not syncronizated, in this case you can try to fix it using "force audio sync" option. Most time this feature solve the sync trouble.

Subtitle Selection.
If your video file contain subtitles, you can select one, or you can add subtitle from an external file. Some video files (like .mkv or .mov) have a subtitle track embedded. If you want you can select your prefered subtitle and embed it in converted video. AnyVideo Converter HD use softsubs tecnology, for a better performance, and fast conversion. Subtitles are not irreversibly merged in video, and you can activate or deactivate them in your video player.

Dolby Digital compatible and no ADV.
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