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My Own Medical Info manages, stores, and prints the information your life may depend on.
What it does for you:
* Even if you can't speak for yourself, ensure that medical personnel get the data needed to treat you properly.
* Avoid duplicate or conflicting treatments by ensuring each of your doctors knows about the others - and what they are doing.
* Makes sure important details aren't forgotten when explaining your medical status to a new caregiver.
* Specially designed to track your Doctors, Emergency Contacts, Medications, Pharmacies, Medical History/Conditions, Immunization, and Insurance.

How it works:
* Uses a single data/app file that doesn't require installation.
* Runs on most desktops and laptops as a browser-based app - but doesn't need Internet access.
* Custom tabular and form-based input makes it easier and more reliable than do-it-yourself methods.
* Locally stored data avoids privacy issues that hosted medical record services may have.
* Includes Undo and Redo buttons that let you change your mind and easily fix mistakes.
* A built-in PDF generator provides high-quality printable output - in addition to the standard print function.
* Includes an AES encryption option for enhanced privacy.
* Can export data to a delimited text file (for use by other applications).
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