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RiDoc - scanner software with OCR. This program reduces the scanned document or image files size without decreasing of image quality. With the help of the "Assembly" function the image frame is fit to A4 page format and image file size is reduced without picture quality decrease. Convertion of documents in to a graphical format makes it possible to protect these documents from unauthorized copying. To increase the document protection level you can apply watermark to the final document.
Main options :
- Scanning paper documents.
- Optical character recognition (OCR).
- Saving the scanned document into bmp,jpeg,tiff,png, pdf files .
- Creating a gallery of scanned documents and images.
- Saving the scanned document into MS Word.
- Saving the scanned document into PDF file.
- Sending of scanned documents by e-mail.
- Virtual printer RiDoc.
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