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Being the most popular global video hosting service in the world, YouTube, however, is not always accessible for everyone, everywhere. Copyright protection acts, licensing agreements and court orders enacted in different regions often make it impossible to watch particular videos or channels, which becomes a major disappointment for viewers residing in such regions.
Unblock YouTube is a compact tool that allows users to avoid regional limitations by emulating any of the supported source locations. The tool proxies users requests, making them look as if originating from the selected country and unblocking previously inaccessible content. The program does not violate any laws or regulations, since modern network technologies make it possible to send traffic from A to B in a number of ways, using different routes and servers. Unblock Youtube was created as a tool for everyone, and requires absolutely no knowledge of network technologies or hands-on experience with network administration.
The programs interface consists of a single window with several distinct areas. The top block contains the name of the country the user is browsing from. The middle block allows the user to select the desired source country and save the selection. Finally, the bottom block lets the user paste the URL of their blocked YouTube video and open it, fully viewable, in a new browser window.
Unblock Youtube is a small tool that will make a huge difference for many users living in countries that regularly practice content filtering or often abuse copyright protection laws, making it impossible to use YouTube normally. The program has a very compact installation file size, uses tried and tested network technologies and supports as many as 50 source countries, which will suffice for all cases of content blocking.
If you are tired of seeing This video is not available in your country messages every day, try downloading Unblock Youtube and watching videos from countries like the U.S or UK!
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