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Match Pairs Screen shot

Match Pairs

Match Pairs is a memory game which you need to match pair of cards. You can play the game against computer (CPU) or...

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Factorio DrugLab Screen shot

Factorio DrugLab

Factorio DrugLab Do you want to set up your first jungle-lab for some primitive Bazoco? Do you have ambitions...

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Asa's Blocks Screen shot

Asa's Blocks

You roll and slide letter blocks to form words crossword-fashion. The blocks must be rolled so that all letters in...

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Zangwill's Zones Screen shot

Zangwill's Zones

You form words crossword-fashion. The value of each letter in a word is determined by the zone in which it lies. Nine...

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Meum et Tuum Screen shot

Meum et Tuum

Form words crossword-fashion. When you place tiles on both sides your opponent's tile(s), you take ownership of the...

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Myles' Race Screen shot

Myles' Race

You race your opponent by forming a connected series of words from your Start square to your Stop square. 9 word...

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Kinsey's Slide Screen shot

Kinsey's Slide

You form words crossword-fashion on a board by sliding letters into position. There are nine word lists, including...

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Stacks Screen shot


Form words crossword-fashion by stacking them upon each other horizontally or vertically. Bonus for reaching opposite...

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Concatenate Screen shot


You move letters on the board connecting them to form a train in alphabetical order by backing the train against the...

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Drudges Two Screen shot

Drudges Two

You attempt to move all of the letters from your side of the board by using them to form words crossword-fashion on...

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