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logAide & myTextLogs 1.0 Windows

    Platform: Windows Vista,Windows Vista x64,Windows 7,Windows 7 x32,Windows 7 x64,Windows 8
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logAide is a plugin-based Windows application for data analysis and visualization. The program is available as a 14-day trial. Download the trial version from

In this package the dataprocessor myTextLogs is included which is a plugin to read text-based log files such as those produced in Nibe and CTC heat pumps.

Some areas of use:
  • Does my heat pump really work properly when I`m not at home? Use logAide with the plugin myTextLogs to analyze your Nibe or CTC heat-pump log files to find out.
  • Create a counter that count every time a value is over or under a specified value.
  • Insert delta or trend development of optional values from your log file. Unbeatable to see the status of the brine temperature. Does the temperature drop?
  • Create time counter for total compressor operating hours per day or months. You can easily set the value that the counter starts counting on.
  • Create calculations of all available values. Use advanced mathematical functions such as SIN, TAN, and COS.
  • Create a combined calculation and statistical series to calculate your heat pump COP value at different operating modes.

The presentation of your data source is as follows:
  • As a graphic chart.
  • As a table with your chosen series functions.
  • As a table with all your data from your dataprocessor. For example all fields from your log file in myTextLogs plugin.
  • In the analyzer where you can see the min, max, average and difference value from your selection.
  • All of the above windows can be shown at the same time in order to facilitate your analyze.

logAide`s data management includes a function to preload data from your dataprocessor plugin to your computer`s memory. This will speed up the data navigation essential. It`s fully customizable how much data you want to preload before and after a selected time period. There is also an offset setting that determines when then pre and post load should expand or move. Pre and post load can of course be shut off if your computer performance is low.

You can also log in full resolution and use aggregation when you do your analysis. Aggregate your data with either time-difference or number of rows. Or just skip X number of rows. This is very useful when analyzing long time spans.

logAide`s analysis tools can be used to analyze min, max, average and difference in your entire data source, or only selection in charts and tables. The selection you make in your chart will also be highlighted in your tables and vice versa. The analysis tool also has a function to merge the active documents. Then you can have multiple charts with different setups, and when you make a selection in one of the documents as it turns through on all other documents. You can also connect documents with different types of data processors.

After creating some series for a type of analysis, you can save them as a setup. This saves the series but not the data source "behind" those series. Then it`s very easy to switch between different analyzes on the same document.

logAide`s user interface is currently only available in English but will be translated into Swedish in the near future. Other languages will be investigated as required.

Since Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows XP and released new development tools that do not work on Windows XP, logAide will not work on Windows XP. Windows Vista or higher is required.

Read more about logAide at
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