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maComfort 1.7.1 Screen shot


maComfort brings the Mac-experience to Windows, and makes it feel like a Mac!

Especially designed for users of both Operating Systems, which often change between Windows and Mac will love this app: It emulates the mac key combinations for example, so that you will never have to adapt. Just keep using Apple-Q to quit and Apple-C to copy - no need to re-adapt to Ctrl-C!

But there is much more to maComfort: You have now access to great mac features like Quicklook: Just select any file in Windows Explorer and hit space - and there's your Quicklook window.

Also on board are other features like active corners. Just adapt your settings and when hitting a screen corner with your mouse it will do the selected action.

Other mac-like features include Spaces, which brings virtual desktops to Windows in a great new way.

To not get bored there is a theming system, so you can change the looks of the application.

There's heaps more to discover, so try the free version now.
And with the plug-in system there is no need to worry: The possibilities are endless.

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