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uDecide 1.0.2 Screen shot


Simply select and drag the uDecide sliders or input a value to reflect Pessimistic, Middle and Optimistic outcomes for your decision. The range of values are from -100 (really bad) to 100 (really good). The Pessimistic value cannot be greater than the Middle value and the Optimistic value cannot be less than the Middle value. The Middle value can be anywhere between -100 and 100.

uDecide calculates the outcomes based on the selected Pessimistic, Middle and Optimistic values. The likelihood (probability) of an outcome being greater or less than a value is represented by the Likelihood % versus Outcome plot.

The Average Outcome is the average decision result i.e. if the Average Outcome is 50 then if you repeat the decision enough times the average will be 50.

Average Outcomes greater than 0 are good decisions.
Average Outcomes less than 0 are bad decisions.
uDecide applies a normal distribution to the selected values to determine outcomes. This is a generic approach and is indicative only.

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