How to Reset Your Windows Password Easily with PCUnlocker

Activating the password in your Windows can keep your computer safe from irresponsible users. But, it can be a tragedy when you forgot your password. Perhaps, you just bought a used computer, and the seller did not remove the password. It means that when you cannot access the administrator of your computer, you may find yourself totally locked out of the system forever.

But, you do not need to worry, there are ways to unlock accounts even you are locked out of the system. One of the ways is PCUnlocker which is a software developed by Top Password. Using PCUnlocker, you can unlock user accounts from Windows 2000 to Windows 2010. Additionally, PCUnlocker is unlike other unlocker softwares that are required to be booted as your computer starts up. You also need knowledge on how to activate a boot option as the alternative on your system. Do not worry, PCUnlocker has tutorial for you to set thing up. You need to choose a memory stick and a CD as bootable media to load the software from
Once you have the bootable media, make sure until the computer starts up. You will find a new window of PCUnlocker.

It will allow you to select a user account and remove the password from the software. After it finished, you can log into the system and access your computer. Besides, it also shows the user account has had its password removed. In conclusion, you can also enjoy the full version by purchasing but there is a trial version you can try. PCUnlocker is a great software that can help to unlock the Windows accounts. It offers simple to perform and painless by using the alternate booting media like CD and memory stick. So, you do not need to worry when you are locked out of the system, just using PCUnlocker, your nightmare is end.

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