The Major Difference between 32-bit and 64 bit OS that You Should Know

The Major Difference between 32-bit and 64 bit OS that You Should Know

The Major Difference between 32-bit and 64 bit OS that You Should Know – Do you want to upgrade your computer into a 64-bit processor? It is such a great sound. It is important to choose the best processor for our computer or laptop. The processor will not only affect the overall performance of your computer, but it can also determine the type of software that uses. A 64-bit processor is considered as more capable processor than the 32-bit. But, you should know about what the 32-bit processor is, what the 64-bit processor is, and even the difference between both of them.

– What is a 32-bit processor?

Computer with the 32-bit processor means a computer that works with 32 bits wide data units for its software and operating system. A 32-bit processor can be found in all computers with Intel Pentium and early AMD processor like o the Windows XP, Windows 95 and also Windows 98.

– What is a 64-bit processor?

The 64-bit processor is found in 1961 when the supercomputer IBM 7030 was found. This processor is not used until in the early 2000s. The 64-bit operating system is considered as a better and more capable OS than the 32-bit OS. You can find the 64-bit processor on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and also on Windows 8. This capacity is a lot more appropriate for today’s need.

– What is the Major Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit OS?

The first difference between 32-bit OS and 64-bit OS processors is the random access memory or RAM that is supported. The 32-bit OS is limited on memory space, just supporting 4 GB for the maximum usable memory. It is large different on the 64-bit OS which can support until 8TB of addressable memory.

It is really useful to upgrade your processor into 64-bit OS if you want to use your computer for video editing, graphic design, engineering or the other activities that need great performance for editing images.

Another difference which can easily found is their performance on calculations per second that influence the speed on your computer. The 64-bit OS can perform in multiple cores, including dual-core, six-core, quad-core, and even eight-core versions. The multiple cores work for increasing the calculations per second and also work to make your computer perform faster.

Upgrade your 32-bit processor into the 64-bit processor is a brilliant idea to increase the performance of your computer. There are some difference can be found between the 32-bit and 64-bit processor like the usable random access memory (RAM) and also the speed performance.

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