Why You Should Install 64-bit Version of Windows on Your Windows 7 or 10 with 64-bit Operating System

on Your Windows 7

Do you know that your 64-bit Windows operating system can handle either 32-bit Windows version and 64-bit version of Windows? Additionally, today Microsoft still offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10. When you are installing Windows 7 or 10, we recommend you to use 64-bit Windows version instead and skip the 32-bit Windows version.

In addition, the 32-bit version is referred as the “x86” version while 64-bit Windows version is known as the “x64” version of Windows. Computer with 64-bit operating system has been mainstream for several years ago. The Core 2 Duo was the first Intel’s big 64-bit consumer CPU in 2006 while AMD launched the Athlon 64 in 2003. And, if your computer purchased in the last decade, it can be a 64-bit Windows operating system computer. And, if your computer work slowly but you purchased when they were released, it seems your 64-bit operating system PC runs 32-bit Windows version.

Windows 7 64 bit

And, why do you need to replace the 32-bit to the 64-bit Windows version? When using 32-bit version, you will experience the slow computer operation. And, 32-bit version works in the limited RAM capacity up to 4GB. If you have 8GM of RAM of computer for agen bola, the 64-bit will maximize your computer with 64-bit Windows operating system.

When your 64-bit computer uses 32-bit version of Windows, it can only access 2GB of RAM. It can cause improper working application and slow operation. If you want to run modern games and professional apps, the 64-bit version of Windows is recommended. Additionally, the 32-bit version of Windows cannot provide proper security features while the 64-bit versions of Windows offers useful features like Address Space Layout Randomization. So, install 64-bit Windows version in your 64-bit Windows operating system.

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