Windows 64 Bit Operating System: The Pros

Windows 64 Bit Operating System The Pros

Windows 64 Bit Operating System: The Pros – It will always be a very excellent idea for you to complement your personal computer with Windows 64 bit Operating System. This specific OS will really fit and improve the performance of the high technology device in the best way possible. So then, you will see that it can give you the more notable performance that will never make you feel disappointed at all every time you run your computer. Besides, it can bring you so various pros that you will blow your mind for sure.

– It Offers More Memory Allocation
One of the remarkable pros of Windows 64 bit Operating System is that it can offer more memory allocation which is up to 4 billion times bigger than the 32 bit Operating System can reference. Even better, the current version of the OS has the 16 TB. This ample storage capacity will theoretically offer 8 TB of virtual memory for user processes and the other 8 TB for kernel processes.

So then, you can use the space of the virtual memory to access modern applications which can be like games, photo or video editing applications, and so many more still. Thus, you can take the full advantages of the memory space and the applications optimally. In addition to this, Windows 64 bit Operating System will still be able to boost the performance of your personal computer better than the 32 bit Operating System even if you installed the additional RAM. It is all because there are no addressable space limits you need to worry.

Windows 64 Bit Operating System

– It Has More Security Features
Next, you will find that Windows 64 bit Operating System has more security Features to offer to you. One of them is D.E.P Kernel Patch Protection, which is also known so well as PatchGuard, will be focused on preventing the drivers and software from patching the kernel. So, if this security feature detects an attempt at kernel patching, Windows will immediately reboot or shut down with blue screen. Not only that, there is Mandatory Driver Signing that is emphasized on signing the infected drivers with a valid certificate from a legitimate driver developer. So, it can prevent the unsigned drivers provided by malware from running on the system. However, you have to disable the driver signing during the development of Windows 64-bit Operating System by attaching a kernel debugger or using a special startup that does not persist across system reboots.

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